Harvard Extension Chem anyone???

Hello everyone! Has anyone taken Chem I at Harvard Extension lately? I’ve been attending the Extension School as a degree candidate for close to a year now (familiar with the school)… but I’n new to taking science classess there. How is the material presented? Any profs I should “avoid”? Any info from those who have gone before me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you to everyone who has posted replies to my prevoius postings. Everyone here seems to understand the unique circumstances the “Non-Trad” pre-med student faces.
Anyone currently enrolled in Chem E-1a at Harvard Ext who wants to get together and study…I’m here!!!

I just did the summer school version of the course–same textbook, some of the same teachers. It was excellent, though the exams were of varying difficulty–some straightforward and others fiendishly hard. Have heard only great things about the fall/spring version of the course.
My one bit of advice: work the problem sets–the Logan Notes problems and the handouts–as soon as you have covered the material, and keep an unmarked copy of the problems so you can work them again to reinforce your skills. The problems are very similar to the exams, so if you can do them cold you’ll probably do well on the exams.
Good luck!

I took it last year, enjoyed the class very much. I don’t think you have the option of avoiding any professors since there is only one section, but this isn’t a problem in any way for this class. Logan and Gregg are great teachers and I’m sure you will enjoy the class. To repeat Terry’s advice, definitely do all the Logan Notes and when preparing for the exams do them again (you can print the pages off the website) along with redoing the problem sets and the exam review questions. The more you work through them the more routine it will become and the exams will not be so stressful.
The only warning I have is that some TAs are better than others. Keep in mind that some of them are undergrad students, and while brilliant (they wouldn’t be at Harvard otherwise, I assume), they might not have the teaching skills down, so don’t be afraid to ask some of the other TAs if you aren’t getting satisfactory answers to your questions from your assigned one.
Good luck and enjoy!