Has anyone ever read or looked at an AMSA magazine?


Just curious, I know there were some members who have some past experience with AMSA; so I am wondering if anyone has read their monthly magazine? I have checked out all of the places one would think to check to see a copy of their magazine and have had no luck.

Reason for asking, it sounds like a great affordable subscription, but I am not sure how the actual content of the magazine is, and if it would be worth it. Anyone who has seen or read their publication, I would love to hear from you!! Thanks again…

Hi Maddux:

I did receive the magazine last year. I didn’t have a lot of time to pay attention to it because of my demands at work. I don’t know if they have an online version or not, or samples. I guess it depends on what your expectations are of the group and their periodical.

Thanks for taking time out to reply. I wouldn’t know what to tell you of my expectations, I just was curious becuase of their organization being focused on the pre-md/med student. I guess I’m looking to see if it is useful info or just a combined blog like periodical? Oh well, I will keep scavagin.

BTW- They usually have an article (stress the singular implication) on their website from the newest magazine released. It’s an ok article, but that’s just one page or two of the whole publication for that particular month. Thanks for replying!!

FWIW, I went to first AMSA pre-med meeting.

Take away??? Richard was right.


Does your school have a chapter? I’m sure it was a different experience - that’s what I took away when I sauntered into the conference a couple of years ago. But, again, that med school fair was incredibly cool.

Yup, the magazine is nice. Everytime I have a chance (which is rare) I read it.