Hello. Better late than never.

Long story short I’m 40 and starting my journey towards Med School. I’ve been in Nursing since 94 as an LPN, and have always had a dream of doing this at some point. Life has a fun way of delaying things, but maybe it all works out for a reason. I am currently transferring to a 4 yr University to major in Chemistry. I’m hoping to hammer out the Bachelors Degree in 3 yrs as I already have an Associates degree, then take the leap to either D.O. or M.D. school. I have known about, and been anonymous on this board for sometime and I just want to say Thanks to all of you for the continued guidance and support you have provided over the years. I’m also gratefull that I’m not alone as there are a lot of people out there starting the process as fellow nontraditionals. See ya on the forums.

Welcome! Glad that you have posted, and that you have officially begun your journey. This is indeed a great place for support, as you indicated.

Do you start your chem classes (and any others you need) this fall? If so, best wishes with that.

Hope to see you around!

Yes, I start in the fall with 16hrs + 40 hr work week. My current schedule is college algebra, computer literacy, multi-cultural art, speech, and zoology with lab. This will round out my gen ed requirements for the university. In the spring I’ll jump into chem II, trig, Physics I, and maybe Histology, if I can work out a schedule for them all. I’m trying to complete the Chemistry degree by fall of 13, which looks do able on paper at least. Keep in touch.

That’s a very ambitious schedule!

I would caution you to make your decisions re amt. of work time/ school academic load bearing in mind that you want to give yourself adequate time to excell in the classes, especially the prereqs. That will often require 3 hours of study for every hour in classroom. (plus lab prep). So give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Best wishes on your journey!!


wow. last year i did 12 hrs/semester while working about 25 hrs/wk and it was stressful. 16/40 is going to be pretty tough.