Hello everyone!

I’ve been lurking on this forum for awhile and decided it was time to stop being shy and start posting. I’m beginning my journey towards medical school this fall at my local community college. I’m the mother of a wonderfully creative daughter and the wife of an incredibly supportive man. I seem to differ from a lot of non-traditional premeds in that I don’t already have a degree and haven’t had a true professional career in my twenties, but like most of you I’m intelligent, mature, driven and ready for a challenge. I appreciate the knowledge, advice and humor I’ve found on the old premeds forum and I hope to be an active (and not shy!) member.

Well we don’t get many brave souls from the Cities but welcome.

Congrats on the start of this new voyage and welcome!!

Well, here’s one brave soul from the Cities. Welcome, fellow Minnesotan! Where are you planning to attend classes?

Now how we do know the locale is the Cities? Let us know if we can be of any help along the way–Minnesotan here as well, but headed to Wisconsin for residency.

Thank you all for the kind welcome!

I was born in Minneapolis, raised in the 'burbs and now I live in a rural town about an hour south of the cities.

I’m starting this fall at Normandale and then I plan on transfering to the U of MN at the end of the year. Hopefully the U likes that plan as well. :slight_smile:

Congrats again and enjoy Normandale!

Actually, you are not as uncommon as you think with not having a degree yet. Remember, take a major you enjoy. Not all premeds have to be biology majors. I was a mathematics major, and I am just one example. Better to take a course of study that you enjoy and do well in it than do poorly in something that is not your passion. To me, the thought of taking botany classes for a bio major ranks up there with poking my eyes out with hot pokers :slight_smile: But if biology os your passion, then go for it and enjoy. I just wanted to remind everyone who is starting without a degree that there is no “right” major for the adcoms.

I agree wholeheartedly with Tara. In part because, as she said, you’ll do much better in your classes and end up with a better GPA - which you’ll need when it comes time to apply to medical school.

Another angle to this, in my opinion, is that you never know how you’ll be able to combine your other interests/major with medicine/science. In my case, I was a Journalism major in college. Granted, I was not pre-med at the time (although I had always loved science, and had been a Bio/Pre-med major when I started college and had switched to Journalism as a sophomore). I wasn’t thinking about how Journalism/writing would work with medicine. But now, I am seeing many tie-ins between the two. For example, for part of my 7-year career in publishing, I was a newspaper and magazine reporter. Through that experience, I have gained very good oral communication skills - including how to deal with very reluctant and reticent people who would rather walk on hot coals than talk to me. That will come in handy when talking with patients, I’m sure. (There are other examples from my situation, but you get the idea.)

You never know … so stick with what you like.

And best of luck to you! Keep us updated on your progress.

Thank you MD2B2010, I’m definitely planning on enjoying my time at Normandale.

Tec and terra-incognita, you both have raised some good points, and I’ll gladly take any and all advice offered to me. I’m a first generation college student and I’m alternately exhilarated and terrified of the unknown aspects of post secondary education. I’ve always been enamored with science in all its forms, especially physics and biology, as well as psychology. I’ve chosen a major in biology for finanacial aid purposes but I’m keeping an open mind as to other options. My plan is to start slow, see how well I handle the academics and go from there. I’ve been accepted into honors courses so that has boosted my confidence a lot and most of the time I’m pretty sure that once I get going it will become a great experience for me. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the honors courses! That’s excellent.

And be sure to keep us posted on your progress.

congrats on the honors courses that is excellent!!

and welcome