Hello from NJ

New to the site stumbled upon this site via Dr. Google!

Been browsing thru for the past hour and awesome positive things is all I have read thus far.

I am like everyone here trying to satisfy that itch that I have for medicine. I am 29 now starting as a transfer student at Rowan this fall (Biological Science). Was pretty excited I was even accepted. I dropped out of high school, went and took my GED exam a week after I dropped out, had numerous different jobs here and there. Worked as an ER Tech from 2008 till 2012 in South and Central NJ. 6/12 passed my NCLEX-LPN and have been working in different SAR and LTC facilities. Medicine has always fascinated me since I was a kid. Even more now since I have worked in every unit except L&D in the hospital and seeing what it is like in SAR & LTC.

My main concern now is my age and how old I will be if I do pursue medicine as I am a father of 2 and I am the provider for my family as my wife as she so lovingly states is a “Domestic Engineer”. I would never take that from her as she does an awesome job keeping us together as I work full time + OT and full time school.

Been contemplating PA school as I have worked with quite a few. I have seen the “restrictions” they have but it is “close” to medicine. But I fear that in the back if my head there will be that " what if…"

Any words of encouragement…? input…?advice…?

Hello and welcome. You are among kindred spirits here. I am also from NJ. I went to medical school at the age of 32 and at the time I had 3 daughters. I was also the main breadwinner of the family though my wife works from home as a book editor.

When you are in school there are a few things that you need to understand. The first is that the school and student loans are to support you. They expect that your significant other would help support you by getting a job. Your question may then be, what about the kids and childcare, we cannot afford that. Well, what you would then do is provide the school with a letter from the provider stating the amount that you would be paying per month and they will add that to your cost of attendance to increase the loan that you would receive.

If your wife works, and the job provides benefits then she should put her and the children on. If she does not, realize that the cost of the health insurance is covered under the tuition and it only covers you. It would cost significantly per month should you want to put your family on it. I had this very same issue. And what I calculated was that since my wife was the only one bringing in the income, then they would qualify for medicaid.

Yes, I know that no one wants to be on public insurance, but because I did that and it was temporary, we were able to save ~$900/month for 36 months. Why 36, well the first year she paid for her own insurance and it was not sustainable. In addition, we applied for a lot of aid including from PSEG and when she became pregnant with daughter #4, we went on WIC. It was annoying but hey, since I have been working since I was 16 I paid into the system and it was time I used the system.

Now that I am a fellow and have benefits we are no longer on medicaid or WIC and we no longer qualify for any energy assistance. But over all, I think we wound up saving almost $50,000 if not more.

You will have to learn to live on a very tight budget and learn how to do things for free. We did not buy books, the public library was right there. We would go to the township events such as music under the stars because they were free. Walks in the park. Craigslist for things that such as bike racks, BBQ grills, bikes. I can go on and on regarding things I did to save money.

It will be hard, but it is doable. Sometimes, you just have to swallow your pride for things that you would otherwise not do but remember, all of this is temporary.

Good luck and if you have any other questions just ask.

Hi. First of all, am so proud of you for taking such bold initiative. Indeed, where there is a will, there is a way. I am also a family man with a daughter. I am from Africa and had always wanted to puruse medicine. However, upon relocating to this great nation, my dreams were put on hold because of financial reasons. I took most prerequisite for nursing but want to pursue medicine again. Can u give me any advice. I am in Pennsylvania