Hello from the conference!

I am here at the conference. There are many wonderful people here - and I am glad I came. I think there has rarely been a group of people all in one place, with such interesting life stories. I think everyone here should write their memoirs! what a book they would all be.

I’ve learned alot. I am glad I came, but I am worn out now. see some of you tomorrow.

Let me live vicariously through you! Really wish I was there!

It was wonderful!! (posting because I was told to!!) can’t wait for next year!

Good for you, Heather! That’s how I got my start posting on the boards!!


So jealous. Wish I could have been there!

I have to add a great big thank you to everyone. I was able to attend at the last moment and really glad I did. Great conference!

While I’m sad that I was moving into a house instead of partying in Orlando, I am so glad to see new people who had the wonderful experience of attending.

It’s still impossible to put into words how much of an impact last year’s conference had on me. I truly believe that the information shared between OPMers in the conference, networking dinners and just hanging out in the hotel lobby helped me to succeed in the application cycle. Meeting OPM’ers, hearing stories like your own and yet so wildly different, knowing how they all struggled and succeeded, or didn’t, really puts things in perspective and helps you keep running toward the finish line.