Hello New Here

First I want to say hello. I have been reading over the forums and I have found a wealth of information. I will be 40 next month and thinking of returning to school. Everyone is so positive. Many years ago I planned on going to Med School but due to my mother being diagnosed with cancer I opted to care for her. She eventually passed. She was diagnosed right before I finished my Bachelors. I became a PR Specialist but I still have a love for medicine. I am the mother of a ten year old and I was wondering if I can juggle all of this but I must say a lot of that tension is gone after reading the encouraging testimonies here.

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Oldpremeds!

This is a great resource, you’ll find a lot of people around here who are in similar circumstances as you! The nice thing about having a ten year old is (assuming you haven’t finished your premed requirements) they will probably be pretty self sufficient when you get into med school! It’s probably harder on parents with young children, but if you want it badly you can do it!

Go for it! And good luck!


Welcome to the group! Hopefully you’ll both find support for your journey here as well as being able to provide your own support to others along the way!

Best wishes!

Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it.

Thanks for the encouragement! I really appreciate it.

I have visited both Med Schools at MSU and they have NonTraditionalStudent Clubs. Most of the people in the club have children. They help each other with babysitting and topics like How to Keep Your Family Tight While Going to Med School. They do special events together also as family groups and do study groups.

It is possible! Good Luck!