hello! question about pre-reqs


I have a question about pre-reqs. I graduated from college about 3 years ago in economics and a minor in sociology. I have been working at a firm since then. I graduated with a 3.4gpa. As a requirement for my graduation I had to take a science class with a lab so the only class I took was physics which was IMPOSSIBLE for me and I got a D, which was just enough for me to graduate. I have decided that I don’t want to keep working for money. I really don’t care about it, I want to become a doctor and help people, it has been a dream of mine since I was a kid and now I think that I have made up my mind. My question is that I graduated with a “science GPA” of 1 because I got a D in that class… and I have read around that post-bacc work isn’t as important as undergrad work. So how will this affect me in applying to med school since I have a horrible undergraduate science GPA?? should I even bother…? BTW I am really interested in becoming a D.O.

Hi firose386 and welcome!

Well, first I think you will need to retake that Physics. You’ll want to take all of the prereqs (Biology I/II, Gen Chem I/II, Organic Chem I/II and Physics I (again) and II.) Your ugpa isn’t that bad at 3.4 either. You only took the one science class so I wouldn’t freak about that now…plus since you want to go the DO route (as I do too!), you can replace your Physics grade to get a recalculated science GPA (and overall too).A suggestion might be to go for a second bachelors degree. DO schools seem to be more nontrad friendly and I don’t think that you have anything to worry about yet. Just do the best that you can on the science prereqs and the MCAT and get some clinical experience too (i.e. volunteering in a hospital).

Looking forward to seeing you around more!


I think you have a very good shot at becoming a doc, if that is what you are truly motivated to dedicate yourself to. I would first encourage you to reflect more on the path and your reasoning. This isn’t to discourage you, but rather to make sure you ask yourself the tough questions before anyone else does: Why do you want to become a doctor? Yes, you want to help people; I’ve heard that more than once. Why not become a nurse, or a mechanic, or a pastry chef?

Why was physics impossible for you? It’s true that in many avenues of medicine, it’s not very directly applicable - but schools seem to believe that the thought process required to master physics has analogues in medicine…

Again, these are questions to make you think, not encourage you to give up ;). If you do determine this is your path, my best advice to you would be to apply yourself passionately and never give up.

Once you determine that, you should be good to go. Get back on your horse and take the pre-reqs, including retaking physics. If you’re able, definitely check out some higher level coursework that interests you - Genetics, Neurology, Biochem, whatever strikes your fancy. Going through that process, I think, should be a good way for you to prove your academic mettle, and it will be another litmus test of your passion for the field.

thank guys! that was helpful!

Since you were a non science major and only took 1 science class I would not sweat it. As everyone said, take the pre-reqs and retake physics.