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I have been lurking on these forums for awhile. I am so glad to have found Oldpremeds! I have been an RN for 10 years. I am 40 years old and I have gone to medical school overseas in the Caribbean and completed 2 years of basic sciences. I did well which was good because I had to do the MBA at the same time to pay tuition for med school. Came back to the states and long story short, met my husband, had a baby and put med school on hold. I am not willing to leave my family so I have to start all over again. I am studying for MCAT, I have to take Bio I, II and Chem I over as they are very old. The rest of my pre reqs are under 10 years old. I was thinking of taking a Masters of Science in Biology to make my application more competitive. I just need some advice because I know its harder to get into school over here. I know for a fact that I can complete my basic sciences over once I get into school again, I just want to make my application look better. I work with the geriatric population doing home health care. I work independently everyday and try to keep my patients alive and out of the hospital. Like I said, I want to finish medical school because that is my passion. I can go back to my old school but I know I am not going to leave my baby and husband. Does anyone have an opinion on the Masters of Science in Biology or to do something else?

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Welcome. My one question before we get started is did you officially un-enroll from the school you had previously attended? Did you leave in good terms? The reason being, if you were dismissed then you would have a much harder time than if you were not.

Assuming you were not, then my first piece of advice would be to speak to someone in the admissions office of your state school or an admissions counselor to discuss whether or not you have to retake any of the pre-requisites. You need to be smart with your money and if you don’t need to retake them then you just saved yourself a lot of it, and not just because you switched to Geico. Next, find out if you really do need the Masters to be competitive. Remember that your grades will be made up of all the schools you attended and their grades. It will cost you nothing to find out.

Hi Gabelerman!

Thanks for replying. I was not dismissed from the med school that I attended in the caribbean. I was told that if I were to return, I would have to do a review program in Michigan which cost almost $8000.00 which I am not going to do because I don’t want to leave my family in NY to go to Michigan and pay that much for a review course that the school made up themselves. I know that I have to retake Biology I,II and Chem I because they are over 22 years old. The rest of my pre-reqs were done in 2007. I did speak to Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and he told me to apply first since I had med school under my belt first to see if I can get in. He then told me that if I don’t to do their Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies because if I can do well in that year program and get a 3.5 and pass the comprehensive, I would get admitted into the med school directly. Which would be good. It would be close to home, I can still do per diem RN work on the weekends. I am just confused. That program is 20K and the biology program is a little over that I think. I feel as if I have done all I can do with pre reqs because my grades are ok, its a 3.5 not great, my overall is 3.0 but thats what I get for being a mother, wife and working all the time and messing up when I was young and having my son at 18. I just want to do something to make me more competitive and this is the only thing I can think of.

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If a med school is telling you to apply, then I would do that and see if you get admitted. But while I was waiting on that, I would retake the preqs just in case you need to retake the MCAT again (assuming you don’t get accepted). It sounds to me like if you don’t get admitted you’re probably have a great chance at their MS program.

I realize the program costs money and may be a round about way of getting to med school, but when you’re a wife and parent, I think you have to understand that your path to med school may have a few “bends” in the road on the way to becoming a Physician. If the goal is to get accepted by any means necessary, then I think investing in that goal will pay off in the end!

Good luck!

Thank you Doc201x :slight_smile: