I’ve been reading this forum for awhile but am just joining. Due to the nature of my post in the OPM family room, I’d rather not say where I am going to medical school, but just that its been a crazy road to get there. I’ve always been an arts person and never expected I could actually be a doctor, but gave it a shot after too long, and GOT IN!! It has been hard but a dream too, and I miss classes when I’m on break even. I’m an MS-2 and am thinking I will go into primary care because I like creating long term relationships with patients. I think this forum is the greatest!!

Hi Laurne,
I can relate. I was a massage therapist steeped in holistic health. My saving grace was an advanced science degree. (I couldn’t let my left brain atrophy) I’m also a single parent experiencing fallout from the otherside. (My child wants me not them, and we have been in court since day one of my first year.) Its been difficult, rewarding, and a test of faith. I have survived all my classes and can see second year just three months from here. Three months ago the faculty requested I consider a sabbatical having failed every exam for that quater. Despite this I’ve made it. I pulled my grades up, took care of my family, and keep my children’s other relatives on long pause. This by far has been my most difficlut challenge in life, yet my children’s smiles of encouragment and the thought of offering a well needed service to our community makes each sleepless night and/or head ache worth it… Good luck to you…