help help needed ASAP

Hi everyone, I am trying to register my classes for the fall quarter. The only two classes available are Bio 203 and Chem 212. All the physics and math classes are conflict with these two classes that I have to take. I need one more class for this quarter. Can you give me some suggestion which class (except those core courses such as Bio 1,2 Chem 1,2, Phys 1,2 Calculus) med school will prefer and also will help me with the preparation of MCAT. Anatomy? Physiology? anything else? My registration window will be closed very soon. Please help! Thank you.


Anatomy and physiology would both be good, as would genetics, biochemistry, and microbiology, if you have fulfilled the prerequisites for those course. If you have time, you might want to visit the AAMC’s MCAT website and look at the topics for the MCAT. That might help guide you towards courses that would help you more on the MCAT.

Hi Helen,

I was just wondering - are you taking just the pre-reqs or are you currently working on your BA?

Emergency, Thank you for the information. I’ll check the website. I talked to my premed advisor. He recommended physiology.



I had a BA already. I am working on my pre-req classes for the med school.


I concur completely with Emergency!

When I arrived at my first year of medical school there were a few things I wish I had plugged in… (remember we are all different, I had anatomy and taught physiology) but:

(Good 400 to 600 level)


Virology (I had Micro as defined Bacteriology)


A FULL version of Biochem (I took one semester “Biochem lite”, thus we did not do much with nitrogen metabolism… and I damn near DIED)

You will find as we all do the first thing that runs out in medical school are the hours in the day. I simply ran out of hours and did much “learning in self defense”, I had to GUESS what was more important and what stuff I just had to blow (“Social Basis for Medical Practice” was good example of something I could pass by knowing the political bent of the instructor independent of study). I made some pretty decent guesses but it was profoundly uncomfortable!