Help!! I was just sucker punched

I received a call this morning that felt like a sucker punch. I was using my undergraduate college’s pre-med office and was having my LORs sent there and had 2 meetings with the advisors there.
They were having trouble receiving a very good LOR and asked them for some help. According to the office they did not receive the letter and I asked my professor to send it 3 times to them and I do not want to bother her a 4th time.
Well, to make matters worse, they told me that they are a little concerned that I had no letters from the school’s faculty (I go to a different school for graduate school) and since my UG grades from there were not that great and the graduate grades were much better they feel that I could either ask the Grad school to handle it or I should go independant.
The issue is that I am not sure how good the pre-med office at the grad school is. If they are not that great and I do it alone, would this be a problem?
I feel like something just took a turn for the worse. Just FYI: UG GPA: 2.5, Grad GPA: 3.67 (so far).

I’m sort of in the same situation as you are (undergraduate GPA: 2.4, Postbacc GPA: 4.0) and made the decision to have my LOR’s submitted directly and bypass the pre-professional office at my undergraduate school suspecting that some weaselry of this sort might rear it’s head.
So far, it’s worked out well for me (course, I don’t have any interviews as of yet, either).
Good luck!

If you are having trouble with the pre-med offices and/or are concerned with their submitting letters, consider using Interfolio- see here.
You have to pay a little bit for the service, but it is completely independent. My university actually does not do LOR files for students anymore - instead we are referred to Interfolio.
It might be worth checking out.

Man, that really sounds familiar. I ran into the exact same problem. I finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and did mine independently. After making that decision, it wasn’t any trouble at all.
Good luck!

That is a tough one. I wouldn’t let them pass me over if I thought that the grad school wasn’t going to be able to help me either. I am not sure what to suggest except to use an outside source like Amy suggested.
Good luck.