HELP: Inconsistent academic history + currently in postbacc

I am so grateful to be led to this forum after listening to Dr. Ryan Gray’s The Premed Years Podcast.

I am currently in a formal California post-bacc program and have completed my first quarter before going on holiday break. Unfortunately, I discovered that I did not pass 2 of my 3 classes so I immediately spoke to my program coordinator, whom I have not yet heard back from, about having submitted retroactive withdrawal forms (to earn W’s for the two courses I did not pass; the third health-science class I received a solid A in). I contacted the Office of the Registrar and they informed me that my withdrawal forms would be reviewed next month (gahhh…the anxiety of waiting). To provide context regarding my situation:

-I was hospitalized and diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago and currently on anti-epileptic medications which interferes with my social and academic life

-The course I did not pass was introductory physics despite having dedicated hours going to tutoring, workshops, and office hours. I would like to know if it would be realistic to enroll in physics at community college in conjunction with my post bacc classes given the reputation of physics being less challenging at the community college close to where I currently reside

To provide more context about my academic and professional experience:


-Community college GPA ~ 3.9

-University GPA ~ 3.2

-Degree: Bachelor of Science in Public Health from a UC

-MCAT - 500 (intend to retake in the future)

-Incomplete prerequisites: full year of physics (with lab) and 1 quarter of organic chemistry lab


-Over 200 hours of clinical experience as an intern rotating through different specialties

-One year of volunteering through local hospice programs

-Half a year of clinical research through Emergency Department

-Half a year of laboratory experience

-One year of public health research

With the information I have provided above, if you were in my shoes, what would you do? I would be incredibly grateful if I could get input on what I should do to overcome challenges I currently face. I am fully committed to whatever I must do in order to be a strong applicant in the future. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your valuable time to read my post!!! I look forward to getting your feedback/input.


What are your cumulative and science GPAs? What is it about physics that is so difficult to you?

I would not worry where you take your physics, the concept of retaking is to get the class done to get the necessary credit and get a higher MCAT.

Stay focused and don’t be too critical of community colleges. That’s like saying you rather take a brand name versus store brand when it gets the same results : the credit and prep for MCAt. Just do the best you can.

It is true that University classes will be more well received but it is just one class versus you aren’t already in a post bacc taking other classes so just relax and don’t be too anxious.