HELP! Low GPA redemption and non-trad friendly schools (MD)

Hello all!

I’m choosing MD schools to apply to this coming application cycle and I’m looking for schools that are open to accepting those with low GPAs with gpa redemption/come-back stories and also those that look favorably upon non-traditional students. I graduated from a large state school back in 2008 with a dismal 2.70 gpa and 2.0 sgpa (F in Biology and Society). I just completed a part-time career-changer postbac for the past three years. I finished with a 3.65 GPA and a 31 MCAT in the postbac while taking all of the pre-med reqs for the first time. But my overall cgpa is still only 2.97 and my sgpa is now 3.38.

I have the other important aspects covered for my application - clinical and non-clinical volunteering, research and shadowing. Will address immaturity and lack of motivation in college in my personal statement. I believe I have stellar letters (don’t we all?) It’s just my GPA that stands out. Starting in August and during my application cycle I will be enrolled in an SMP program where I will take medical school classes alongside med students (a true SMP). However, the schools won’t be able to see my initial grades until late in the year and I will be relying mostly on my current application for getting me in.

I am prepared to submit my AMCAS on the first day it opens next month to ensure an early application. I believe I’ve done almost everything I can, within reason, for someone in my situation to get into medical school but I need help with perhaps the most crucial part of the cycle – making my list of schools to apply to. I want to apply to ~20 schools in the lower-middle tier range.

I’ve come across a few schools in my perusing that are accepting of low GPA/non-trad friendly schools but I need your help with adding to my list!!!

Here a few schools that I’m targeting (besides my state school and SMP host school) –




Thank you!!

I think if you completed the SMP year with stellar grades and then applied to med school, you’d have significantly more options.