Help! My school hokkered my transcripts

I was surprised when I saw my “verified” application showing one of my schools lopped off any information on my latest O-chem classes! I was trying to get some stuff fixed (new school - lots of system problems, apparently) but it never was. Do I need to fix this, or just explain it to the schools? The snafu didn’t seem to affect the GPA calculations. Also, the app listed some of my CLEP credit as A/P. Is this Advanced Placement? Is it any worse than CLEP credit??

Are all these problems on your school transcript, or on AMCAS because of your school transcript? If they’re on AMCAS and your organic chemistry grades aren’t showing up, you probably should work on getting it fixed. I wouldn’t worry too much about the other classes. It’s mainly the prereqs that they’re interested in.
Good luck with this. I had a problem with my transcript, but it was on a Sociology grade, so I just let it go.

I don’t know exactly what is wrong with my transcripts, except that they told me “it” was fixed. My first semester was id’d as undergraduate, since it was an undergraduate level class and the school wasn’t taking post-bacc students at the time (I was a “walk-in”). They were supposed to fix it, but instead, it looks like they might have broken my second semester stuff. It is wrong on AMCAS. Does anybody know how hard it is to fix AMCAS? First, I have to find out what the problem is.

I wouldn’t worry about the difference between postbac and undergrad. The schools are going to look at those the same, although they will look at the date taken in order to see if you’ve improved. Now if a grade is missing or wrong, then you need to get it fixed. Hope this helps. I know what a pain this whole process is.