Help please...

Hi All,

I graduated 6 few years ago with a BA in Psychology with a 3.9 GPA. I decided to go back to school to do the pre-requisites courses this semester and I am having trouble with my timing on exams in Chemistry and Math (Algebra& Trig) (Which I need for Calculus). I know the information on the exam but always seem to run out of time to complete the exam.

On top of that I messed up big time on my Biology exam due to a few personal things with family getting in the way. The only way I can pass with at least a B is if I get a 95 on the next exam and the final.

I am not sure what to do… I am beginning to feel SO discouraged.

First, breath and relax! If you haven’t already, go in to speak with your professor and let them know your concerns. If you have already spoken to your professor and the yield is the same, seek instructional support (ie. a tutor) to help you with study skills. Remember, this is the foundation for the the rest of your coursework and the MCAT so you must do well.

I hope this has helped!

I am taking physics right now, and have also found the “time” issue to be crucial when it comes to tests. What helps me is doing gobs and gobs of practice problems, and practicing them as if you were in a testing environment – i.e., doing them with speed in mind. You could even create a practice test for yourself, with example problems representing the various concepts you have been studying up to that point.