HELP! Pursing the Dream

I’m a 43 year old woman, never married, no kids or pets. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. I can tell people what’s wrong with them before they see their doctor. I read about this stuff for fun. I have tested as genius, do well on standard testing, but I am bored by school unless I’m interested in what I’m taking. I love doing research and working with people.

Got expelled from college for having under a 2.0 a semester before graduation. First time away from home and boy did I have fun.

Went back to school years later and slowly worked on classes as I worked full time. Was suffering from depression and panic disorder. Withdrew and flunked some classes simply because I didn’t go and didn’t bother to withdraw. Haven’t been in school since 2000 although took 2 classes via correspondence.

Need one class to get a BGS in liberal arts from Indiana University, but may need more to get my GPA up. My GPA is only 1.97.

I want to get my degree and start at another school to do my post-bac pre-med classes to give it a whirl. I’m much more centered and motivated since I’ve matured.

I have worked scattered jobs at doctors offices (allergy & asthma and oncology) and hospitals (dietetic aide), management jobs in retail and I’m starting on my third book (looks like first one will be published soon - books about chocolate).

At my age, what are my chances? Is there anything special that I can do to increase my odds at getting in somewhere other than getting acing my pre-med courses and kicking behind on the MCATs? I figure than I won’t be done until I’m 50, but I’m till going to be 50 anyway…God willing.

Any help would be appreciated. I even considered being a PA or nurse, but it’s not the same. Thanks for your help.

The question adcoms are interested in is not what you want to be, but rather why you want to be a doctor?

Apart from your chances of being a doctor, what makes you think that you won’t get distracted during your pre-med or even med school classes? What are your plans to deal with the rigors of med school studies?

By the way, what is a BGS degree?

BGS is Bachelor of General Studies. I have a concentration in history.

That’s what I’m afraid of…what if I don’t stay focused or motivated. It happened before.