help re: MCAT the old hawaiian-rock roller

Dear folks,
My gpa really stinks. Except for my nursing school / Excelsior College. 3.5, recent courses ana/phys/ = A
family/formerly child dev.= B, but my BMCP are anemic 3.0 in major psych. B= biochem (ez for nurses) B/C organic chem,
general chem A at on junior college, C/D general chem. B/quant. analysis. etc. ==2.49.
I am currently reviewing Kaplans Comprehensive review, are there any other recommendations. I’m all ears. I can see myself as gaining entrance to a Caribbean school with God’s approval and guidance; however, a USA school is out of the question due to my age.
Anyone OPMs out have any comments? My thinking after speaking to my client/friend who recently retired from being on the teaching staff of a Caribbean school commented that how well I do on the MCAT would probably be a good indicator as to how I would do in med. school.
I am also licensed as an EMT-Paramedic. Have accumulated about 15,000+ hours of clinical experience; mostly in ER and psych setting. my client/ MD is concerned because I have congenital AF (atrial fibrillation and meds. would be difficult to obtain in the Carribbeans.
Mahalo and aloha to all.
the old hawaiian guy

I’ve taken the moderator’s prerogative to cut and paste this post to combine it with the other by our “old Hawaiian” (hey you’re not that old!), so that the discussion can address all his questions in one place. Consequently, I’m closing this thread and ask that you reply to these questions, and the others he raises, in the other thread, here.