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looking for ways to make my wife be comfortable with me going after my dreams. I am new to this site and am glad to see there is a place to discuss ALL of the topics that go thru our heads, which I know is ALOT! Here is a quick background.
I went to the University of Colorado where I majored in Accounting . I also played football while I attended college. After college, I chased my dream to play professional football, getting picked up by the Bills (for one day before failing my physical with a deficient ACL ). After ACL recon. I made it in NFL Europe, and finally made it with the Saints for 1 year where I tore my pectoralis during a weightlifting session. This ended my career. Between this bouncing around, I decided I wanted nothing else but to become a Doctor. After the peck injury I went for it, taking Gen Chem I, Gen Bio I, and Gen Phy I. I loved it!!! But my wife just saw the road to becoming a doctor a long and cruel road for us and our soon to be children (still a year away). So I decided to see if there was something else I would have a passion for, so I got into Sales. Hated that! Now I am teaching math at a local highschool. This is my first year, and I really like it but I want to be a doctor! Telling my wife this again , she asked me “where does our family fit in, and where do we go from here.” I understand where she is coming from and respect her views, so I told her I would do some research on how we can make this work.
Here are her concerns:
Financially- We just bought a new house, and our life is just getting started. She is a teacher also, and she wants to know how we will make it over the next 10-11 years. (this is how long I figured till I would be done with residency)
Will we be able to keep our house and live an OK life, or are we going to end up in a dorm, living on her salary only, and eating roman noodles?
Time spent with family- She is very concerned about the following issues.
What will we do, while I am in residency and medical school, with the children?
Will I be able to spend any time with them?
Am I going to be a big part of their lives?
I promised her I would research her concerns, and I figure since many of you are in the same boat, this would be the best place to ask. Thank you all very much for ALL of your input. I will let her know everything you all have experienced. Sorry for the long post, but this is very important for me, and more importantly for my wife. Thank you once again, Shane

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