Hi All!

Hello Everyone-

I am not sure what is considered “old premed”, but I feel very out of place among the teenagers in my classes and my study groups.

I am 23 and recently moved to San Diego from New York to have a change of scenery. I have wanted to be a Doctor since I can remember, but life has taken me in many other directions. I have tried to always be in school whether enrolled full or part-time. As of right now, I am finishing, what I hope to be my second to last year of my BS degree at San Diego State. Its been a long and hard road. I think all together it might take me 8 years to complete my BS-I’ll be class of 2012. But I want this more than anything and I just keep chugging away.

Its just very hard working full-time (BILLS GALORE), going to school full-time and still maintaining personal relationships. I never feel like I am volunteering enough or that I am taking enough leadership roles. I know I can do it, but some days I doubt myself and my abilities. I am a perfectionist and my life outside of school pulls me in different directions and I dont always have the time to study the way I want, to get the grades I want.

My plans are to graduate 2012 and possibly join a branch of the Armed Forces(Navy or Air Force) so they can help pay for Medical School-I think I will go the DO route. I have an interest in eastern medicine practices and I want to travel the world and really just help anywhere I can. Big Dreams!!

I am scared as heck of the MCATS. My orgo Chem class is kicking my butt as this point, but everyday feels rewarding.

Thanks for listening.



welcome. By this forum’s standard you are not even a teenager, more like a kid. So time for you is not an issue. In fact, while it might seem an issue for most of us, it is not. If I am lucky enough, I will be starting Med School by the time I am 40 yo which is far from being an exception on this forum.

I see that you have big dreams and that’s great. As for the pre-req and the MCAT, apply yourself the best you can. Surely with a full time job it is not easy at all, but many here not only work full time but also have kids. So it is doable. My best advice is to do things slowly but well. Do not rush. Get high grades and put in a great prep for your MCAT. The MCAT is surely a very difficult test. Not so much because of the science which happens to be quite basic, but more because it is very fast pace, so you need to be very good.

Other than that, I wish you good luck. Again, welcome.

Hey Good Luck Erica. You are not alone in your quest. I have been more or less working towards my bachelor’s degree for over a decade now. Life does have it’s hurdles. But I am finally in the homestretch and ready for the opportunity to tackle Med School upon completing my degree. Again, good luck.