Hi everyone, new here...

I have a question about the prereqs. I already have a BA (Radio-TV-Film, minor in Poly-Sci). GPA is not wonderful (mother slowly died over course of school and I just needed to finish) so I was wondering if it is “frowned upon” to take just the prereqs at a Community College and the MCAT, or what they do in that type of situation where one has a degree already and they take “extra classes”.

Thank you

Welcome, sigep… yours is a common question. I recommend that you browse the forums to find some of the discussions on this topic or search for “community college.” You’ll find a LOT of discussion on this as lots of folks find themselves in similar situations. Good luck!


Hi and welcome!

I’m personally one that is attending a real good CC in which I will be taking my prereqs. What I would do is check out both the CC and a 4-yr if you are close enough to one. Check to see which works for you before you make a decision one way or another. If it has been a while since you’ve been in school and your GPA is not that great…you’ll definitely want to do well on the prereqs.

Since I do have to still get my Bachelors, I am though considering transfering to a 4 yr after I finish OChem and Physics at the CC. This way I can use my last two years to get some upper level classes.

Best of luck!


Hi and welcome, Sig Ep.

Kriss and Mary are both correct. The general advice you’ll find here is to take the courses at the most rigorous institution available to you (time, money, and all those other limiting factors). Generally speaking, I understand that it is preferred to take as much coursework as possible at the University level. However, this is a little different in some cases (for example, the California state school system, as I understand it, requires the first two years at CC).

I have a BS degree from a few years back without a great GPA. Just recently, I took 5 CC courses (total) over the course of a year (while working), and I’m now going full-time to a local University in order to take a full courseload and demonstrate how I can excel. If something similar is possible for you, that would be my suggestion - but definitely do your own research and find what suits you best.

Hi…I had a similar situation in college. My mom was dying of colon cancer. My GPA was horrific, that was 20 some years ago. In 1999, I was invited to take my prereqs at a private university, but couldn’t afford the tuition…and finally decided to take them recently at the CC. (I was told by a counselor at the university level that it was ok to take them at the CC bc they are 100/200 level classes…so far, so good)! I have not encountered any problems so far…the CC that I attend has an excellent reputation and the bio dept is very well respected among 4 yr institutions!