Hi everyone. Q on alternative aid?

While doing a google search on ‘non-traditional regrets and medical school,’ to find out where people went wrong and what they are doing to better themeselves, this site showed up somewhere within the first few pages. I have used SDN some over the last couple of months, but am glad to find a site devoted to the non-trad pre-medical/medical student. Although the sarcastic remarks I’ve seen on SDN are at times humorous, they can be annoying when someone asks a legitimate question and recieves an assinine answer in response.

I read across where someone mentioned you can in-fact get financial aid of some sort for post-bac work that is leading to professional careers. That would be a great plus because of the money situation I am in. Now, do you have to be in a structured post-bac program or as long as you are taking x hours you can recieve aid? If starting back this summer, could possibly have my pre-med classes finished by next spring.

Realized I posted in the wrong forum. I’ll ask this in general discussion.