Hi Everyone

New to here. Totally amazed and inspired.

Have always been thinking about being a doctor since I was 9. Why didn’t I go that route to begin with? a very long story… Majorly because fear…too hard, me not smart enough, way too long&painful of a process…etc.

However, medical world still amazes and fascinates me. I have a great desire in medicine and great curiosity to everyone who is in medical field around me. Even constantly checking&following stranger physicians’ blogs.

I kept telling myself all the time…“It’s impossible. Stop dreaming.” I am 31 now and still can’t get rid of the feeling of wanting to be a doctor. It must mean something.

My background is a bit different.

I got my BA in religious studies from Taiwan, came to Canada at the age of 25. English is my second language. Then, I did some miscellaneous jobs (cashier, BestBuy, Forever 21…etc) for 2 years (English wan’t good at that time) and got hired as a Bank teller. I have been with the bank for 4 years now. During these 4 years, I took many business courses part-time, worked towards to CFP(Certified Financial Planner) designation and was going to continue to pursue an accounting designation. I have a great job as a Financial Planner and make good money now.

All of sudden, I decide to be a doctor.

Yes, it’s very scary. I don’t know what I am giving up and what I will be ending with.

First of all, I don’t have any Science background. I need to go back to take high school Bio, Chem, Physics and Math. I plan to get those done in a year while still working full-time as a “Financial Doctor.” (Sorry, I just have to call myself a doctor already.:P) I plan to apply for a good Provincial University BSc program. Then finish my pre-req & MCAT.

I am pretty scared. However, reading through many discussions here gave me courage and inspiration. It’s going to be difficult for me. I know that. Especially most people here have somewhat science related background. I got laughed at already. I am not going to say anything to anyone except you guys here.

Hope I can hang on to it. It’s a long road.

Anyone with similar background like me?


HI! Welcome to the site. I first off wanted to let you know what a great site and community this it. The many people here are more than willing to help and give advice. There is even an former admissions counseler to a medical school who chimes in. Not to mention the many people who have made and completed the journey of medical school and are now full-fledge doctors, and those who are currently in medical school. It won’t take you long to realize what a great place this is to be.

Also, what caught my attention was your religious degree. A very close family friend, who I have spent much time with staying at their house to get up at 5:00 am to shadow and observe with, had gotten her bachelors in religion. Then obviously went on to medical school. So it is not unheard of, you just need to bulk up your science classes and some math. I will save the others from saying this, “It is not a race, rather it is a marathon”

Keep that drive and motivation, but be careful not to burn yourself out. WELCOME!!!

PS- If I can be of any help at all, just give me a shout!! But everyone is very helpful!!

Hi Martichen:

Im trying to break the record for the most diverse background and may be the oldest non-traditional applicant.

Im a retired US Army Colonel currently working as an Executive with an Aerospace and Defense Company. Bachelors (Aerospace Engineering), Two Masters (One in Engineering the other in National Strategy) and a PhD in Psychology. I have two kids in college (on full tuition scholarships thank goodness since my Korean born wife decided to follow some kind of fringe religious calling and leave me with her support as well as the kids). So I decide that I would like to retire in the Philippines, attend Medical School (Cebu Doctor’s University)and live off my Army Pension while I go to school (which only costs $16,000 for all 4 years). Im a youthful 54 and given that I will need to take some chem and bio, probably wont move there for another 2 years so I’ll graduate at 60 ! SO what will I do with this degree…Join Doctors without Borders and go to all the places I “visited” while commanding troops in the Army and maybe improve the quality of life a little for a few kids , mothers and fathers. A novel retirement plan wouldn’t you say :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

I am back…almost a year later from my last post.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, it is a long road. In the past year, I managed to complete those high school science courses and applied to the Provincial University. I finally got accepted to the Science Program a couple weeks ago!! I also have been volunteering at ER since last year.

I am very happy about it. I am able to carry out the plan and achieve the goal that I set out for myself a year ago!

Okay, here’s my 2010/2011 plan. I already quit my job as a financial planner. I am a full-time student now. In Fall/Winter term, I am going to take General Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Math, Statistics…etc and will try my best to do well. I will apply for the Medical Lab Science program under Faculty of Medicine next year. I plan to use 2011 summer to study for MCAT.

Hope I will have good news for you guys too next year!!

Congrats on getting accepted to the science program! I’m so glad you’re following your dream. And it’s great that you’ve been volunteering – that’s key, as I’m sure you know from reading the posts here on OPM.

That’s a hefty load for the upcoming fall/winter, though – are you sure you don’t want to spread it out a bit more? Not to doubt you or anything, it’s just a lot of difficult courses at once. Just something to think about.

Regardless, best of luck to you! I’ll be looking forward to hearing your “good news” too!

Thank you!!

However, I wish I didn’t have to take 5 courses a term. It’s one of the requirements for our med school though.

“The minimum requirement for admission to our program is the successful completion of at least two full years of transferable post-secondary work (60 units of course weight - 10 full course equivalents) of which one year (30 units of course weight - 5 full course equivalents) must be taken during one academic year.”

I actually think that is a valid requirement because in med school you learn material at a high rate.Some people even joke about trying to drink from a fire hose. Better for applicants to learn sooner rather than later whether or not they can handle a significant academic load.

good luck on your new journey…before you know it you will be backhere sharing good news with all of us

Hi All,

Time Flies. Another year had gone by. I’m back again to update my progress.

I have completed 13 courses (39 credits) in the first year of my second degree. I also successfully gained admission into the Medical Lab Science program under Faculty of Medicine. It’s a professional program, so I can say now that I will become some sort of health care professional. That’s for sure. Everything happened according to my plan except my GPA wasn’t as high as I hoped.

You may think that it’s unnecessary to be in a professional program if my goal is to boost my GPA and eventually gain admission to Med School. However, I want to become a pathologist, or a medical microbiologist or a hemetologist. Therefore, I do think that this program offers me the exposure to such environment. I have greater interest in medical related courses versus other general university courses.

Anyway, I am one step closer to my dream. My plan for the coming school year is:

  1. To write MCAT in August and score high.

  2. Apply to U of C Medicine in Sep./Oct.

  3. Study hard and boost GPA.

I definately see where you are going with the Medical lab science degree. My uncle was a research hematologist and I worked with him two summers at Univ. of Md. (in my distant past). That preparation would definately fit right in to hematology or pathology.