Hi folks (introduction from a long-time reader + new poster)

First off, I just have to say that I really, really love this smily/smilie: I mean, how cute is that?!?!

So I’ll be 31 in a week. I’m one of those professional student types, with a few years of admin/secretarial experience sprinkled throughout, so I’ve racked up a bunch of undergrad and grad credits. I’m a 2nd-year law student now (not quite sure why I thought THAT was a good idea…o_O), but I’m finally getting up the courage to start taking prereqs (college algebra in the summer to start off). I’ve been enrolled in chem three times, but dropped it each time due to FUD (an acronym that I also love!).

So yeah, that’s a little about me. I have a couple of questions for the forum that I’ll post after work + class today. I look forward to participating in the OPM world!

Welcome, and good luck on your journey!! We look forward to walking it out with you…

A challenge for you will be blending your law background with your new goal of medicine. Not insurmountable, but you will need to craft your “why medicine” statement well.

Good luck!

Welcome to OPM! Don’t be afraid to ask those questions … everyone on this board is super supportive and helpful, so reach out when you need to!