Hi there I need some advice

First I just want to say I am so grateful to find this website. It has been so helpful to read others advise.

Anyways… I have just completed my third year at Cal State and my major is kinesiology with a minor in biology. I am taking a 5th year so I can complete the chemistry, physics, and biology requirements and to boost my GPA as well. I had been going through a tough decision between PA school and Med school because I thought I was way out of my league to apply to med school. I figured out that I want to go to med school and I wouldn’t be happier otherwise. My question is I am aiming for a 3.7 overall cumm (currently my cumm is a 3.5)… major cumm =3.8 , and a 3.8 science GPA (I have been making great grades since second semester of my freshmen year because unfortunately I messed up my first semester of college ) With a strong MCAT will I be able to show them I have overcome my first semester and have brought my GPA from a 2.0 to a 3.7? I won’t get into detail but my extra curr. but they are great I’m just worried about my GPA and MCAT scores. So should I go for it when the time comes or wait an extra year to boost my GPA?

Thank you so much to whoever responds!

oh and does a kinesiology degree look good for a med school application since I have had to take sports med, biomechanics, exercise physiology, etc?

Your GPA is good! Even if you don’t bring it up and stay at around 3.5 it would put you somewhere around average of the folks applying to med school. So yes! You have a chance. Most of CA schools are really competitive, but if you apply wide you’ll be fine!.

Many many college freshmen have an “unfortunate” first semester, and med schools know this. Based on what you shared, your gpa looks fine.