High stats but worried about weaknesses on my application

I have a 527 on my MCAT and i have a 3.9 but only about 100 hours of clinical experience on my application not counting my pharmacy technician job, which i just found out doesn’t count as clinical experience. do higher stats make up for lackluster extracurriculars? I’m a little scared :,)

The unfortunate answer is: No, high stats don’t "make up" for “lackluster extracurriculars.”

However, to also give you some hope… From what I understand the extracurricular section is more about the quality of the activities rather than the quantity. As such, while continuing to gain more clinical hours is recommended, I’m not sure this is a guaranteed “deal breaker.” If it were my application, I’d focus on emphasizing what these experiences meant to me. In other words, how are these experiences communicating your story to the med school admission committee? For instance, some questions to consider when filling in your clinical experience might be: Why did you choose those experiences? How did you grow during the experience? How did this experience help solidify your desire to be a doctor?

Hope this helps! Best of luck!

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thank you for your response! i think i tell a good story from these experiences so hopefully that helps.