Hmm, should I re-take my MCAT this summer?

[edit: I posted in this forum and not the MCAT forum because I feel this is more about timing with an SMP, etc, than test prep]

I’ve been admitted to one Special Masters Program (SMP), with 2 other apps pending. I feel a program of this sort is essential to help make up for a low GPA and a 4-year gap in my undergraduate history. This current app cycle is the last that my MCAT score (2013) is good for, without banking on those few schools that accept older scores.

I’m wondering if I should retake my MCAT this summer–and I’m feeling that the answer is, unfortunately, “yes.”

I get minimal benefit from the SMP on this cycle because I don’t yet have any grades. Any grades I do get will have to be sent as application updates. Next cycle is when the SMP would really help, as 2 semesters will have official grades, but by then my MCAT score will be too old, and I won’t have had any time to study for it. Especially if I stay at the USF SMP program, which includes a summer term.

I also feel like I lose some of the “oomph” (not to mention another year) if I were to skip a cycle after the SMP just for the MCAT.

So I feel right now like my options are:

  1. suck it up and take it again this summer while working
  2. take it next summer while taking the last term of my SMP and hope to heck that I don’t drop my GPA

    It seems as though option 1 is the “least bad,” but I’d be curious for other input and points of view.

    Thank you!

Looking at the curriculum, it doesn’t look like the program would “help” you on the standard MCAT subject areas, per se. Your option 1 is what I would go with, especially if you’re only working right now. I did the Kaplan on-demand course while working full time (old test), and it was brutal but doable.

Hi Kennymac, thanks for responding.

I’m thinking the same thing: this summer isn’t ideal, but I can’t afford a dip in my SMP GPA due to MCAT studying during the program, either. So studying again and retaking it this summer is the least bad option.