Honest Feedback

Hey guys!

I am currently finishing my post-bacc and need some outside feedback. i have been a nurse for the last 4 years and looking to apply to medical school this year. Upon completing forms for the final portion of my program, I calculated a very poor science GPA and overall GPA. My science GPA will be 3.19 and Overall 3.22. I am slotted to take the MCAT June 1st, but pushing it to June 15th to ensure I do well.

Is my GPA a deal breaker? Does anyone have any experience getting accepted into medical school with a below average GPA but solid MCAT score and full resume? I guess I just have a hard time accepting my GPA being the end all for my application to medical school. Thanks for the feedback!

I don’t think your GPA is a deal-breaker, but take a look at the table below to find out some hard facts:


With a GPA in your range, and an averageish MCAT score, about 20% of those applicants get accepted. If you can bump that MCAT into the 80-90th percentile range, your odds go up significantly. For context, last year there were about 53,000 applicants for 21,000 spots, so the overall acceptance rate was 40%.

Obviously your application is more than just numbers, but those are how the statistics break out. If you’ve done well in your post-bach program, that will likely improve your odds, and your life experience is a valuable asset as well.

Don’t give up hope! You can do it!