Hoping for Advice

Hello, I’m new to this site so let me know if I posted this in the wrong forum. I’m 23 years old and finished up my undergrad in Medical Laboratory Science last year. I’ve always had an inkling that I wanted to go Medical School but didn’t actually pursue this until the end of my Junior Year. I went to a CC for 2 years before transferring to a state school and completed all of my science prereqs at the CC besides Biochemistry (most were already required for MLS). I got a 4.0 in CC and maintained a 3.71 gpa in my Junior and Senior level classes at the state school (Fall semester of Junior was a 3.3 otherwise I would be up around at 3.85). I’m just wondering if I should spend the money to take a couple more upper level sciences before I apply next year. My upper level MLS are technically Health Science classes, so they don’t count towards my sGPA; therefore, I only have my 4.0 in all prereqs at the CC and an A in an intro to Biochem class at my state school to hang my hat on for my sGPA/ability to succeed in the difficult science classes in Medical School. My EC’s are solid with about 600 hours as a scribe (will also be working full time in the ER as a scribe for the coming year) and a variety of volunteer experiences. I haven’t taken my MCAT yet, so should I just try my best to crush that in order to prove I can handle the work load of med school?

Your GPA is great, and if you have all the prereqs, I would suggest just studying for and taking the MCAT. If you do well on that, you should have a solid application.

I would suggest looking at a few schools you know you want to apply to and seeing if they take community college credit. Some don’t, but will accept upper division coursework from a four-year institution. Two years ago, the AAMC wrote a piece that said “most” medical schools do accept some CC credits. You want to see if the schools you’re targeting are among those.

Other than that, your application sounds solid. Good luck on the MCAT!