Hotel Registration Link!

Hey OPM! As promised, here is the link to make your hotel reservations for the 2005 Conference & Workshops. The actual conference registration will be soon to follow - so stay tuned!

2005 OPM Conference Hotel Reservations

Is anyone else having problens accessing this link?

Yup-- it doesn’t work.

Have no idea why it was not working. It worked just fine when I originally posted this. Hpwever, I fixed it - not sure how - and it is now working fine.

Working great now. Just made my own reservations.

Hmm, the link doesn’t work for me either. Dave perhaps you have a cookie set in your browser that tells the site you’re logged in. Anyway, the other link on the OPM front page works for me:

So strange - would not work, I fixed it & used it to make my reservations. Now I come back & it will not function again. Damned if I know! However, Terry’s link works…at least it did this time.

Try this link: OPM Sheraton Reservations

I have no idea why it was not working earlier on this page. The hotel link is also available on the “News & Events” and “2005 Washington DC Conference” forums located on the OPM site. I just checked and both links are working fine.

OPM’s own on-line registration link will up & running very soon. We had to work the bugs out & decide on the fees…sorry, but we have to charge something! So, stay tuned! As in previous years, we will have both an on-line registration where you can pay through PayPal (accepts both direct from checking & credit cards) or you can opt for the traiditional route & register/pay via snail mail to the OPM corporate address.
Keep a watchful eye out!