Housing woes...

I’ve got 4 classes left before applying to medical school next May. I’m worried about renting my home, I’m kind of between a rock and a hard spot.

My credit is perfect, but I would need to move away to go to school. I’m checking into refinancing my house now, but it may not appraise. I would hate to miss an opportunity to go to medical school based upon financing issues if my house didn’t rent (or stay rented.) By the time I’m done with premed I’ll owe about 15K in student loans, but that is my only bill. I’m not married and I have no children. I know there are some federal loans (U.S. citizen), but if they don’t cover all expenses, I’m not sure how I could make up the rest. My parents could co-sign and they have perfect credit, but they’re retired and have limited income. I may be able to cover a public school, but I know private and Osteopathic schools are very expensive. I also know about the military route, but am trying to avoid that if possible.

Anyone in a similar circumstance? Does anyone have any ideas?



I am in similar but worse circumstances. I have about 90+K in student loans already. You decide if the loans are worth it to you and you do it or not. If they are worth it you can easily get enough to cover expenses including a month or 2 of unrented mortgage or the difference in your mortgage and rental income. I also own a house and will most likely be unable to sell when the time comes. All I can say is it was now or never for me and so I am jumping in with both feet and hoping that in a few years I will be able to sell the house and maybe break even. If not it will still be worth to me to go after my dream. Good luck we will both need it!

Not there quite yet, but our current plan is to refinance our current house on a 30 year mortgage (almost 10 years into a 15 year mortgage now) to decrease the monthly expenses, then rent out it at slightly below market value. By offering a good deal, you will be able to have a better pick of renters so that you can be more selective while still covering all or most of the mortgage payment. Depending on if I get in to the nearest med school, we may be able to stay put while I commute. I just have to figure out how to make the most of that commute…

Good luck!


When I commuted, I listened to lectures from online courses and speakers I enjoyed or cared about. Made the commute far more enjoyable, and I got real benefit from the lectures. I sort of miss that now; it takes me an entire month to listen to the content I used to get through in a matter of days.