How Did You Make Your List of Schooles to Apply to

Hey all,
As I begin to wind down my last semester of post-bacc pre-med work, I am starting to put together a list of schools I will be applying to this summer. I was curious how you went about deciding on which schools to apply to. I am planning on applying to 15-20 schools, half of which will be in my states of Residency (I sort of have two since Hurricane Katrina has driven me away from Louisiana for a year to Ohio but I plan on returning). The rest will be from states other than Louisiana and Ohio. In going through the MSAR book, I noticed several state schools have a 0% acceptance for out-of-state residents so I assume these are a waste of time.
How did you make your list?

Somewhere on this site there is a huge thread on just this…I know that I wrote a very lengthy post regarding how I did this…maybe if you do a search?
this tool can help

Hi, Red Kermit! What an exciting time for you! What I did, first of all, is decide where in the country I would NOT want to live. Then, I looked through the MSAR to see how many out of state applicants schools in my desireable part of the country accepted. After I determined that I may have a chance–even though some of them were slim–I wrote down those schools. Finally, I selected some well-known schools just for the “heck of it”! You never know when you may be surprised by a school that you feel would be a stretch! Best of luck in the process for next year!