How do MD schools consider taking 1 course and working 20-30 hours/week for 1 year, possibly 2 years

I need to take the O-Chem series this year. But I also need to work 20-30 hours per week.

My reasons for working are for income. I need to Pay

(1) basic living expenses

(2) Get out of Credit Card Debt

(3) Save up for an MCAT course

(4) Save about $5k for Applications/Interviews

I may also need to do the same thing next year if I take a whole year of BioChem (instead of just 1 quarter).

This will allow me to spend more time on the MCAT and apply EARLY! I fear MD schools will not believe I can handle a full load of sciences. I live with financial hardships and am Mex-Am male and first gen college student.


Hello and welcome to the site! Most schools like to see that you can handle a full course load. That being said, if you need to work you need to work. So if you can’t take a full course load then you can’t. You need to make sure that the classes you do take you score A’s in. I know you want to apply early but medical school and everything related to it, is a marathon, not a sprint. Be more concerned about setting yourself up as the best applicant you can be, and try not to worry about the timing as much. Good luck to you on your journey!