How does a PharmD w/o bachelor's GPA evaluation work

How do med schools look at GPAs if you completed a graduate school that didn’t require bachelor’s degree. Do they accept the graduate degree in lieu of a bachelor’

I completed all the pre-req sciences needed for pharmacy school (and med school) and took some business classes for 3 years total in undergrad. Now Ive graduated pharmacy and applying for 2019 matriculation. Is not having a bachelor’s a problem? How will they evaluate my GPA?

“If you have enrolled in a professional degree program (law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, etc.)

leading to a doctorate degree before receiving a bachelor’s degree:

• Refer to your transcript or contact the school to confirm course level. In many cases, GR status may

be assigned to professional-level coursework leading to a doctorate degree, even if you have not

earned an undergraduate degree.”

You technically don’t need a bachelor’s degree to apply to medical school, especially if you just bypassed it on the way to a doctorate. What counts as undergrad vs grad will depend on the program you attended and what is listed on your transcript.

Kennymac thanks, much appreciated.