how I got motivated today-

I have a general statement to make: I got motivated today to pursue the degree of Doctor of Medicine. This motivation has been within me for awhile, but today was where the rubber met the road. I decided to go to a Medical School Graduation- UT Southwestern in Dallas. It was amazing! to see everyone in their green-striped gowns futures ahead of them bright. And to hear them as their names were called. ____ _ ______ M.D.! they had to throw that at the end didn’t they =) well I’m sold… sign me up, this kid’s goin to do whatever it takes to get into medical school! I’m so PUMPED! I guess the only thing now is that it’s going to be something I have to wait on. can’t happen overnight and will be several years before I’m even eligible to be admitted. ohhhh the time will fly I’m sure. I just thought I’d share my thoughts for some of you in my shoes who are contemplating this journey. I saw those tonight who were at the end of the journey (school-wise at least) and boy did they look swell!

Yes, med school graduations are the coolest! I remember my husband’s med school graduation in 1991. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud!! I remember thinking someday it’ll be my turn…didn’t know it would probably be with the class of 2013.

And you’re right, picturing yourself wearing that cap and gown is a HUGE motivator!!

Good luck with that long journey!