How long a workweek for a family care physician?

Just curious how long the average workweek is a for a general family care practitioner or a general pediatrition.

I’ve observed that family medicine docs in private practice work probably 10 hrs a day or more, 5 days a week… they may have one or more half-days during the week, but have to put in hours on Saturday morning or something like that.
It is going to vary a LOT because practices vary considerably in how they’re structured. I’ve observed mostly academic practices where the attendings may actually have a somewhat shorter work day in terms of patient care, but that’s made up for with rounds with residents and other teaching duties.
I don’t know the websites to point you to but I am sure there are some reference websites that give statistics on docs’ salaries that also address docs’ hours.

One of the nice things about family medicine is that, for the most part, you can tailor your practice (and your workload) to suit your preferences. Some FPs work part-time, some work what most of us would consider to be very, very long hours, and everything in between. In my case, I have an outpatient-only (no hospital) practice, and typically work four days a week (roughly 40 hours). I share call with six other physicians, so I’m only on-call every seventh weekday and every seventh weekend. This allows me to spend time with my family and to have a life outside of medicine. If you’re interested in family medicine, don’t let horror stories of killer workweeks dissuade you. You don’t have to work yourself to death if you don’t want to.