How Long Does It Take To Prepare Well 4 MCATs?

To those who took the MCAT’s already–how many months did you study for the exams? Did you attend a prep seminar or class or just use the study books? Did you pay for an online service and was that helpful? Did you take them just once or did you need to take them more than once?
Thank you for letting me pick your brains :0

3 mos. should be ample time, but that depends on the individual. The first time, I spent 2 mos. at home w/ Exam Crackers’ book set , didn’t do well. Second time around, I took Kaplan’s 12 week course and I think (hope) I did better, but scores aren’t out yet. Hope that helps.

It does take a lot of time for most individuals. I spent four months studying like crazy and took the princeton review course.

There is a 10-week directed study program for those using the examkrackers materials (books and CD’s). You start it exactly 10 weeks before the MCAT date.
I wasn’t able to follow it exactly, but if needed I will next time (next april).

Thanks for the responses. All of this information is helpful to me. I am looking at the “big picture” right now and feeling a bit intimidated.

I would HIGHLY suggest a program unless you are an EXTREMELY motivated taskmaster on yourself. I’d also suggest no less than 3 months of study.