How much is too much education before med school

Hey guys,

I have a very poor science gpa from undergrad due to health issues that got in the way and have been trying to fix it ever since. I graduated with my BS in 2017 and have been taking extra biology courses to boost science gpa and now going to have another BS degree by this coming May.

I’ve talked to my top 4 schools and all said that I should take a masters in biomedical science program to show that I can handle the hard academics of med school. By the time I reach even reach med school ( if get accepted first round) I’ll have 2 bachelors and 1 master degree. I’ve wanted this career since a young child and the only job I can see myself doing and being passionate about.
Anyone else doing more than 1 B.S degree and in same situation? Feeling kind of hopeless and lost. I’ll be 26 at the very minimum before starting and not because of a career change in life.