How old is old in medical school?

Hi, I am a new member. I just recently got accepted in a Post-Bacc PreMed Program. I am 45 years old, with 2 more years to work getting to Med school, MCAT and all that, I will be 48. Is that too old for Med school?

I was an immigrant to the US 7 years ago. It took me some time to adjust and blend with the culture. Most of all, my degree back home was not up to the standard assessment here, I had to painfully retake undergrad courses I’ve already taken. So, here I am, just graduating and happily starting premed.

I wanted to know if my age is a barrier or if there are other people with similar situation. Thanks, — Delia

You are in good company here. It’s basically what this organization is all about. And, as a group, we tend to think that the benefits of growing up before medical school far outweigh any disadvantages.