How strongly will a 3.15 undergrad GPA affect my chances (if 4.0 in prereq

Well, I’ve just started prereqs. I went to the conference in Chicago and got some information on this but I am just trying to plan a bit more.

So far I’m taking a two classes and have over a 100% in both of them about 1/2 way through, and thankfully they are coming very easily to me. I’m hoping to get a 4.0 or at least a high 3.x in the prereqs.

I would like to get into a more competitive area of medicine (radiology, though I’m aware that may change) and believe going to a good medical school will greatly help that (correct?).

I think this is a tough topic to talk about on a forum because everything kinda depends, but I guess I’m wondering how much a lower undergrad GPA will hurt me because the best total GPA I can hope for without repeating undergrad is like a 3.4, but I will have shown I’m capable of doing A level work for 1.5 years.

Are there specific schools that favor non-trad turn arounds? Are there schools I should avoid because they primarily base admissions on a Total GPA/MCAT graph?

I’ve been googling this information for awhile now and can’t find it. Thank you.

You are asking age-old questions here on OPM, and you are right, it depends. OMD is proof that you can go to whatever medical school you want to, do well, and get into the competitive specialty/residency of your choice. You are correct in that doing well in post-bacc goes a long way in showing you are capable beyond what your initial undergrad GPA shows (as far as med school admissions). The same can also be said for the MCAT as well as upper level science classes.

Good luck!