How to answer Question on “Healthcare related volunteer experiences” without any

Hi all,
I’m a non traditional student, married with three kids working full time as a pathology assistant for the past three years. I have a long list of healthcare related experiences but all of them were paid employment as I was providing for a family at the time with the exception of shadowing which I don’t count as healthcare volunteering anyways. I got a secondary application from a DO school and a specific essay question asks to list and describe the significant “healthcare related volunteer experiences” that I have. How should I go about answering this question since I technically don’t have any? Would it be wise to simply state that although I have a litany of experience in a clinical and or hospital and healthcare setting, due to my family obligations and other responsibilities all of these were paid experiences and as such I don’t have volunteer experience in these settings? Or should I take the approach of describing other types of volunteer experiences I have even if not clinical or medical?

Also, I applied to 46 total schools, MD, DO, and caribbean and am finding that many of the secondary questions are quite repetitive. Should I continue to keep my responses brief and to the point and simply “recycle” them while ensuring that I actually answer the question?

All the best,