How to get good sleep

Having a good sleep is very important for doing work or all other activities. You can have good sleep while doing yoga or exercise regularly. Doing to bed early automatically helps you to wake up early in the morning. buy modafinil 200mg to improve daytime sleepiness.

Things I’m doing to improve sleep;

  • shower before bed.
  • make sure I’m relaxed and not thinking or stressing out about stuff.
  • eating relatively healthy (quick testing shows no effect of sugar or ‘bad food’ on sleep)
  • limiting coffee and no caffeine after 4 PM (although testing shows I don’t seem to be sensitive to caffeine.
  • no alcohol
  • I exercise twice a week (which is quite exhausting for me at the moment) but don’t see a change in sleep pattern based on that.

Modafinil belongs to a category of medicines that controls sleeping disorders. It is a potent stimulator that works to control sleeping disorders. It is a prescription-based medicine; therefore, you need to consult your health professional. Using this drug will help you to enhance the cognitive functions of an individual. It acts on a neurotransmitter so that you can stay awake for a long time. Modafinil nootropic is not an OTC medicine; you need to provide a valid prescription.