How well do the practice MCAT scores correlate to the actual test scores?

I am thinking about taking the MCAT next spring. I still have to take physics but that is all. My other science classes have been quite a while ago, so I will have to study up on those also. My question is, does anyone know how well the practice tests compare to the real thing? If one is to consistantly get about a 30 on the practice tests-is that what one should expect on the real thing? Also, does anyone recommend any specific study materials for one that has been out of school for awhile? I graduated from pharmacy school in 1999 and have been working as a pharmacist since then. Hoping for 2010 admission if all goes well.


I know you said that you still have to take physics, so it will be fresh for you, but I highly recommend the NOVA MCAT physics book. It hasn’t been that long since I took physics, but the NOVA book helped me raise my practice PS scores a whole lot! It helped me by focusing more on understanding how to manipulate formulas and by gaining a better understanding of physics concepts than what I took away from my class. It also has a million problems and passage style problems to work on. I don’t recommend the NOVA chemistry book though, it doesn’t have enough practice problems.