How will medical schools look at my GPA?

I graduated high school early and went straight into an AS program, I graduated from that program in 2018. When I started college some of my credits counted towards my BA’s and some didn’t so I’ll be graduating in 2022 with 2 BA’s and close to 180 credit hours. I was 16 when I started college and now I’m worried at how school will look at my trend for my applications. For my AS the trend in my MSGPA was upward and I had a 3.8 by the time I graduated. Then when I started my BA’s two years ago my parents had lots of health problems and my GPA crashed (1.69) due to personal circumstances. It forced me to move back home last semester and go to school close to my parents. My Science GPA is on an upward trend again it is a (3.0) and climbing. I just worry that the dip mid-career will make me look bad to medical admissions boards. Help? How do you think they will look at that?