How wonderful this is.......

Do we really understand how wonderful this is? Just 15 years ago this was barely used medium and now I check email everyday and talk to you and others from another Country, even make phone calls all on the internet, can look up the latest Health developments and research for school, help with studying…ect.

This is so awesome when I was in Nursing school we did not even have many throw away supplies and there was no such thing as AIDS in fact in many places Nurss still wore Hats and Stockings…


You’re totally right, this is waaaay cool!

By the way, I trained as an RN in a hospital, living at the hospital all-women nurses’ residence (complete with curfew), and had to wear stockings and cap, with a student nurse uniform that had to reach at least 3 inches below the knees. We all were Flo Nightingale’s lookalikes! lol We even counted drip rates…no IV pumps!

While I can’t relate to any of the nurse stuff, I can say that if it weren’t for the internet and a couple forums like this one, I probably wouldn’t have even considered the possibility of changing careers and becoming a doctor. Now, I am well informed about what lies ahead of me.