How would schools view medical translation?

So, long story short, I don’t have my normal array of jobs or full-time job right now (I was a high school teacher, now I’m a Realtor, and we all know how the market is…) and I’ve been temping to supplement my income, but how would med schools view part-time medical translation? Would it be viewed as just another job or would it be viewed as a hospital setting? I literally need a quick test to certify that I know the medical lingo in the other language and I’m good to go (plus there is a bit of demand for this language right now). I don’t want to waste my time if it’s just going to be viewed as another non-hospital job because I’d rather go out and get a full-time job in a hotel where I have tons of experience (and downtime to study). WDYT?

I would think it would look good on a variety of fronts:

A: It’s clinical setting

B: Shows your bilingual

C: Hispanic Population is typically underserved

Okay so I just read you are a french teacher so disregard #C. Sorry

That’s okay, there are a lot of West African French speakers in our area, so there is still a ton of demand!