Howdy from Idaho.

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a 32 year old OPM who is just completing pre-reqs in Lewiston, Idaho. I work full time at a local hospital as well as go to school full time. I have a degree in Anthropology w/ a minor in Bio, and I’m doing some post-bac stuff, albeit not in a formal PB program.

My grades aren’t stellar, but I don’t give up, and I have 14+ years of volunteer work and medical job experience.

School-wise, I’m leaning heavily towards DO programs.

Oh, and I enjoy bacon.

Anyone else here from the Northwest?

LOL! Gotta love a OPM who bucks the medical establishment by admitting to love bacon.

Welcome aboard! Not sure you’re an OPM though. The older I get the more the definition seems to change. Glad you found us and keep on coming back.

Hi Tom,

Not from NW but I also worked full-time at a local hospital (in IT) while completing my education. Hope you enjoy the journey.