Howdy from Texas!!

Howdy to All.

I’m a 55 y/o Exercise Physiologist (MS) and Physical Therapist (MS) contemplating a try at Medical School. I do know what I’m getting into! But I’m still “Bull-Headed” enough to go ahead and still give it a try. The number one question seems to be “Where does one start?” All of my pre med courses were completed 25-30 years. So I guess I should start retaking all of the basic science and math courses, along with some of the more advanced, upper division science courses.

Main Point:

In my situation I’m thinking I’m going to have to enroll in an ONLINE post baccalaureate pre med program. I have found these types of programs being offered by UC Berkley, Oregon State, Colorado State, University of New England Osteopathic Medical School and even Harvard too some extent. I know that many med schools will not accept online courses but one has to do what one has to do. I’m looking at the MCAT as being my friend and using it in distinguishing myself academically. Taking these courses are more for getting me up to speed with the “Factual” material, while I’ll also be practicing to “conceptualize” as needed on today’s MCAT. Do these online courses hold much weight coming from these universities? Facts and Opinions are welcomed. *Not sure how to practice “Conceptualizing” but will figure it out!!!

It is a tough question. Generally speaking, 1 or 2 online classes may not be a big deal (and probably as long as they are not hard science ones). Venturing into taking most of your classes online would be risky. I would simply email or contact universities you plan to attend to.

The good news is that Texas is probably one of the best state for medical education. The schools are great and CHEAP. Even the only private one (BAYLOR) has tuition under 20K/year and is one of the best school in the country.

So you start in the best possible setting. It would be a good idea to simply get in touch with those schools and ask, and see what they say. I personally would discourage an online curriculum and would limit taking online classes for “unimportant stuff”. I took psychology online, that was the only online class I had…

Good luck and again, get the info from schools, that’s the best possible source of info.

Hi ! I would agree with redo-it-all, and steer towards in person post-bac pre-med programs. I went that route - when starting in one’s 50’s, the time saving of a full-time post-bac is very important. You might look at ones with linkages to med schools as well, since that would save you the “glide year” between finishing the post-bac and starting medical school. Otherwise, one generally finishes in the spring, takes the MCAT and applies, for starting fall of the following year.

Being willing to move if necessary for a post-bac program might improve your chances markedly. You would also get in-person science faculty to write LOR’s and probably get quite a bit more support/prep for the application process.