How's the semester going so far?

Hi All,

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing so far into the semester?

This is my first semester back, taking Orgo 1, Cell Bio and Anatomy. I am having a great time, and am so thrilled to finally be heading down the long path towards medical school. I had my first set of exams last week, and got a strong B on both. (Anatomy is this thursday).

How is everyone else doing? I’d love to see some updates.

If I was typing in facebook it would say: Kimberly is story problems, bleh!

As my chemistry instructor said, “Chemistry has made many pre-meds into English Major’s”. Ha! So far, so good. I have all of my points. First exam on Wednesday. Thankfully my chemistry instructor is fantastic and teaching the series.

Kimberly, that is so true. Chemistry is the one and only reason I did not go down the medicine road 15 years ago!

Good luck on your exam. My Organic professor gave the funniest and most useful advice…do all the problems in the book, do them until you puke…and then do some more!

We’re just gearing up out here. Today was the start of week 3 and my first mid-term (microbiology) is on Wednesday. I’ve got my first o-chem mid-term next week. I’ve been studying like crazy for both and hope it’ll come through on exams. History I’m not too worried about. We had a quiz last week and one of the questions was asking if we had read the assigned book! lol

In other news, I’m STILL waiting on things to go through with my shadowing/research position. I finally got called in for the paperwork this past Friday (“oh it’ll take about a week and we’ll call you for paperwork”…yeah, that was in AUGUST! lol). Today was my physical for that. That was an experience! :-/ The doc doing the exam wanted to give me an MMR vaccination and proceeded to tell me that she advises patients that might become(or plan on) being pregnant in the next 3 months to decline the vaccination. Yeah…and there I sat on her exam table 30 weeks pregnant! I flat out asked her, “did you even bother to look at my chart at all?” and she actually replied back that no, she didn’t! I had to tell her it was on the cover sheet that I was 30 weeks preggo. She totally missed my pacemaker as well, even though she put her stethoscope right on it. Hmmm…I wonder why there’s a hunk of metal in her chest and a scar over it? Sorry if that’s harsh, but I was pretty stunned she missed two big things…especially since they were in my chart! Anyhow, I’m scheduled for orientation in the middle of next month and after that I can finally start training in the ER. I’m sooo impatient. I wish it would hurry up and get here already!

so far a A in all classes

Physics 100

Physics Lab 98

Chem 1 94

Chem lab 95

I like my classes - love physics and biochem - but I am tired a lot. Every morning I wake up and am excited for all the day brings and enjoy every class I go to, but by night fall, I’m wiped.

First exams were all A’s (close call on college alg.) I started shadowing a DO last week–finally! I’m really excited over that one, he makes for an enthusiastic mentor. This Friday, I start volunteering in the ED of the local hospital–only four hours a week. Everything seems to be going smoother than I anticipated, but sometimes I still feel alone on this journey. It passes. Thanks to everyone on this site, I keep grinning when doubt sets in…

I am a few credits shy of sophmore status. Is it too early to start visiting schools? If not, I wouldn’t mind making a couple of appointments for Fall break.

I am sitting down to do those story problems. I am about to puke and haven’t even started them. Noticing that I am lacking skills in that area. Someone please tell me that I can find those skills by Wednesday 6pm!!!

Congrats to those who are doing well so far!

Calc - driving me mad. Prof is a nightmare.

Organic - so far so good… still waiting on my test to be returned

Genetics - B

Genetics Lab - A

Zoology -1st test this coming Friday

Id love some advice on how to “de-stress” if anyone has any tips ;)… I’m feeling SO overwhelmed and its not only because of my classes, I also have my shadowing AND my research. If only there were more hours in a day. But I’m that much more motivated each day that goes by!

Ha…destress? What is that? I just tell myself it’s okay to hate whatever current subject I might be hating and that I still like myself. How’s that for cheesy? My husband thought I was crazy last night for saying it out loud and then back to the grind I went and finished the homework. LOL!

I only have Chem this semester. So far so good with an A, but no thanks to the prof. He’s terrible. He’s mostly a physics prof. so he spends most the time teaching physics concepts in my chem class. Too bad I can’t get two-for-one credit for both chem and physics!!!

Even though I’m working full-time, going to every soccer game my boys are in, doing work around the house,etc (thanks for my husband helping)–I am still so excited to be going down this road! We all rock!!!

Just completed my first immunology test and feel I did very well but grades have not been posted yet. My first physics test will be this weekend…onwards and upwards!!