HPSP, USPHS, and Clinical Experience

Hi Everyone!

I am a non-trad, with a couple years of experience as an assistive technology entrepreneur and hospital project manager. I started a post-bac pre-med program this year and on a track to take the MCATs and apply in 2020. I have been doing more research on medical schools, trying to balance pre-requisites and work. Listening to Dr. Grey’s podcasts I have learned a lot about how to prepare for medical school and after. This podcast has brought me both a lot of peace of mind as I listen to it on my commute to class and to work. With that being said there are a few areas I have specific questions.

HPSP - I most recently learned about the Military Medicine program through the podcasts and am highly considering it. A few reasons this interests me: (a) I would love to give back through the medical work that I do, one of my interests as a designer was low-cost prosthetics and other medical devices, (b) different/lack of insurance regulations © opportunities to participate in medical research with the DOD and foreign governments.

I am trying to shadow at the local Navy hospital and my pre-med advisor is helping get me in contact with a recruiter. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can learn what the day-in-the-life of a military doctor is like? What is the work-life balance like or the possibility of having a family (I am a woman and would one day want kids - I’ll be in my 30’s when I finish residency)?

Are there more opportunities to get involved with research?

What are the possibilities of getting into pediatrics or a peds specialty (like pediatric neurology) offered through military residencies? I know my interests might change in med school but from the shadowing I have done, something with peds or adolescents is interesting to me and I don’t want to close that door.

USPHS - How is this different from HPSP and what are the requirements, processes involved? Is this only for primary care?

Clinical Experience - Are there clinical experience (paid, because I need to put food on the table) opportunities as a pre-med that might be able to give me more insight to military medicine or public health service?

I answered this on episode 151! opmpodcast.com/151 (goes live on 11/7/2018)

Thank you, Dr. Gray! Your response was very helpful!